Melbourne Sydney scrolling message signage display Brisbane Adelaide and Australia Nationally

The scroll data boards are made for advertising use and can be put indoors or outdoors in under cover areas to promote your shop, give information to buyers, travellers etc. There are many custom and standard sizes we have.

Colors: Colors are determined by the lamp. We have 2 color (Red Green - RG) and RGB (blue) which gives you full color.
From Melbourne to Sydney, these undercover and weather exposed scrollable text and data signs are easy to set up and use. We supply Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth info and data signs and more!
You do not need to pay to order, we make your signage system then when ready to send anywhere is Australia, payment is due.


The signs can be programmed to display any content with any effects like flashing effects from left / right / top / bottom, zooming effects, scrolling A LED message display sign provides more space to display your LED moving message in one line. Brighter and multi-color LED's give you greatest value and give your moving message signs clarity and impact with lowest price.

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Semi Outdoor scrolling data sign and messaging.



For the most part, we make semi-outdoor scrolling sign series to suit advertising.

Call us anytime for your next project to begin.


Please let us know a size so we can best advise you of the module needed and give better information about led lamp resolution and signage viewing options.


Watch the video above to see how a 2 color lamp system gives you Amber (free). 100% Red and 100% Green = Amber. R:255 G:255 A:125


To begin, simply call us and we can help you with making.


  • 20 different movement styles
  • Add simple graphics
  • Change time and advertising texts
  • Available in many sizes
  • Note: Red and Green 2 color also shows Amber(this makes total of 3 viewable colors using two lamps) This is why the system is referred to as '2 color'
  Semi Outdoor SIZES  
3 color rga 1 Line Display


660 x 100 x 40 mm indoor / remote
965 x 100 x 40 mm indoor / remote


3 color rga 2 Line Display


1005 x 160 x 80 mm indoor / remote
1486 x 160 x 83 mm indoor / remote

1972 x 168 x 83 mm indoor / remote


Displays are either Plastic case or made from nice aluminum extrusion coated black.
Lamps are LED Dot matrix system for indoor.





There are many sizes so you can select the one best for you. Very easy to program in ENGLISH .Below is a plastic encased led sign used for indoor. Also see indoor led signs



What a great photo, the led sign is on the glass bench reflecting the led light   



Supplies for building companies, designers, shopping centre car park signage, banks, retailers and large warehouse stock signs, you can program many textual and graphical messages into your new moving text sign and display 24/7. Complete with remote control we ensure that your programming and set up is very easy. All the hard work is done in the background by our team so that your staff can quickly set up the new display.

Also works with timed programmable sets (series) so that you can altenate between periods. e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner. Mon-tues-wed etc.


The best way to order is to measure how high and how wide your area is.





July 2017
Custom banners are now easier with our company, Plus we will make a free color proof with your order so you can check all the details before production

Utilizing the best of outdoor printing systems for advertising banners each custom banner sign can be made with your business logo and color palette. From small to gigantic, its available now

Custom made from your idea or design, large or small, high or wide, with over 11 years experience, you can rely upon our company to perform. Trade and Public enquires welcomed.

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