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The top and bottom rail fit onto existing barrier post systems including Tensabarriers, PostMaster and more. The printed rolling banner sign can be a mesh material or solid vinyl banner sign material. The 2.1 metre retractable belt rewinds inside the post cap. This is a beautiful product.

Use indoor or outdoor.
From Melbourne to Sydney, available in singles or kits ready and easy to set up and use. We supply Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and more!
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Interchangeable Crowd Barriers and Pull out Posts


Two crowd tension barriers with sign banner advertising



The top rail rewinds up and down so your new banner sign can be used daily. The top post converter sits on any standard barrier post so you can use the belt in a normal way to join between each base post.


What a fantastic product, and very well made.



Man pulling belt out of barrier post cap with sign advertising


Making longer signage is easy. Each bay can have an advertising banner sign that rolls up.


These signs are very cheap to buy.

    Indoor or outdoor tension barriers with printing advertising signage



Lady storing the new design cafe barrierBarriers are supplied everywhere fast from the warehouse, you can select from the standard individual set or purchase in packs. Single pack, Twin pack, Triple pack and Quad pack, all discounted to save you money.


If you have exisiting queing posts our special top section fits over the top, allowing you to keep using your original belting.


Each day or when you want to store your posts and bases, the lightweight cafe barrier can be quickly and easily carried into your store or shop. Passes all OHS standards and restriction.

Banners are easy to change and update and each banner rewinds (retracts) inside the top rail cyclinder. You can use a mesh printed material or a smooth Dura vinyl sign material for your printing.


Use indoor or outdoor.


We also sell posts and bases (up to 10 kg)


The adaptor fits over a normal tension barrier post. Fits Tensabarrier and Durapost and other brands








Also: Interchangeable Cafe Barrier Signs


Interchangeable Cafe Barrier Signs


The new design of Australian cafe wind banner sign frames are ideal for restaurants and outdoor dining areas alike. The client can very quickly alternate the signage for new and upcoming promotions, swap for summer seasons, new menus etc and use as a wind banner barrier. One simple tool is used and the frame is changed in minutes.


Please enquire about this product.


Update Cafe Wind Barrier Banner Sign System


Available in two widths > 2 metre main divider and 1 metre end divider.


Moulded banner sign sliding system on metal frame with adjustable height and tension settings


Moulded banner sign sliding system on metal frame with adjustable height and tension settings allow any person to swap over the graphic design for advertising, sponsorship and retail branding. This engineered design is favorite amongst cafe owners who want to be able to quickly and cheaply turn an idea into an advertisement at street level. Also, the adjustable lower rail makes tensioning your sign easy and can be printed in any material. The lower and sides and top rail all have a special aluminium slide channel for attaching the banner sign.


Wind Barrier


Long length and end dividers are available. Queue Barriers, Cafe Barriers, Restaurant Barriers and Cafe Banners, offer a wide range of queue poles, queue pole accessories and cafe barriers in different styles and standard council approved dimensions, suitable for any occasion. Turn your hard to update frames into to easy, powerful advertisements.


One Metre 1000mm wide divider for coffee shop promotions










May 2024

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Available in packs or bulk sets. Ideal for sponsor and advertising revenue. Makes the perfect advertising sign for your business.

Suits all Australian OHS standards.


We also sell posts at wholesale prices.

Available Australia wide delivery to your business fast from our sign warehouse.

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